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Greece releases digital restoration of ancient Olympia ruins

Hello everyone, this is the editor who suddenly became arrogant after finding the latest news. The weather is good today, and it's a good time to read the latest news and relax. Don't let everyone wait for a long time, let's get to the point immediately.

Mourinho has coached many teams, and among the teams he coached, perhaps the one that fans will remember most is Chelsea Phase I. At that time, Chelsea could be said to be the most powerful team in the history of the Premier League. But it also caused disgust from other teams. Recently, Liverpool star Carragher said in an interview: [The Chelsea team at that time was hated by many Premier League teams. 銆慖 have to say, this may also indirectly reflect the excellence of that Chelsea team at that time.Recently, Carragher and Terry connected, Carragher said when talking about Jose Mourinho's first phase of Chelsea: [Rooney told me that many Premier League teams at that time hated that Chelsea. Mourinho is domineering and always arrogant, he seems to be in control. Rooney told us that in the Champions League final we (Liverpool) beat Chelsea and the Manchester United fans were celebrating. I think it's a testament to how much you're not hated, how respected you are, and of course how many people Mourinho has pissed off. 銆

Carragher is telling the truth. Chelsea was really annoying to the opponent at that time, because this Chelsea team was too difficult to beat. When facing Chelsea, Chelsea's strong midfield defense made other teams unable to play according to their own tactics. , coupled with the team's solid defense and sharp counterattack, it is difficult for many teams to win against Chelsea. At that time, when many teams faced Chelsea, they had lost their desire to win, and all they hoped was to score a goal when they faced Chelsea.After listening to Carragher's words, Terry said: "I absolutely hated us in the Premier League at the time. Mourinho gave us a meeting and told us we were going to build a fort, he brought us together, he made us feel like we could beat any team, no matter how good the opponent, we were not afraid. 銆慖 have to say that Terry's words also spoke of the characteristics of the Chelsea team at that time. They were never afraid and always pursued victory. It is precisely because the players have such a spirit that they can be successful in the Premier League.

Of course, what Carragher and Terry said about Mourinho's first phase is actually a compliment to Chelsea. In football, the more teams that hate you, the better you are. After all, all Teams all want to meet those "boys who send points", and no team wants to meet a team like Chelsea. It's just that there are fewer and fewer teams like this now. I don't know when there will be another team like Jose Mourinho's Chelsea in the Premier League?To know more "Liverpool Famous: Mu's Chelsea makes the whole Premier League hate it!" Terry: Because we are great! "For more information, please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

The five heroes of the five tyrants are in the Spring and Autumn Period, and they rise and fall in an instant. The editor will show you round after round of the latest news. The weather is good today, and it's a good time to read the latest news and relax. Don't let everyone wait for a long time, let's get to the point immediately.If there is a player from the defending Premier League champion Manchester City who has left the team that fans are very reluctant to bear, and has retained many times, it must be David Silva, even if he is not leaving the team now.

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