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Royce: During the epidemic, people need to be united, it is best to stay at home

Premier League giants Manchester City have been fined by UEFA for serious breaches of the Financial Fair Play Act. However, this did not break the Blue Moon Legion's big purchase plan. According to the latest news from the Italian media "Turin Sports Daily", Manchester City has not given up on the introduction of Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez. They regard the Argentine as the ideal successor to Aguero.

Lautaro Martinez joined Inter in the summer of 2018, and despite being only 22 years old, the Argentine is almost a household name in football. Lautaro Martinez has played 31 times on behalf of Inter Milan this season, scoring 16 goals and 2 assists. His performance is very eye-catching. Lautaro Martinez's contract with Inter Milan doesn't expire until the summer of 2023, and the Argentine's contract includes a 鈧?10m release clause.With his outstanding performance, Lautaro Martinez has received the attention of many continental giants, and Barcelona has the most scandals with him. According to previous media reports, Barcelona regards Lautaro Martinez as Suarez's successor, and they are likely to directly activate the release clause in Lautaro Martinez's contract this summer. In addition, Barcelona also had a big advantage when introducing Lautaro Martinez. Their star player Messi and Lautaro Martinez are both Argentina internationals, and the relationship between the two is very good. Messi also said in an exclusive interview with Mundo Deportivo that the experienced Suarez could help Lautaro Martinez integrate into Barcelona.

However, Manchester City have not given up on the plan to introduce Lautaro Martinez. "Turin Sports Daily" said that the Blue Moon Army even regarded Lautaro Martinez as an ideal successor to the 31-year-old Aguero, and Guardiola admired the 22-year-old rising star very much. But the objective fact that cannot be ignored is that if Manchester City cannot participate in the Champions League, it will be difficult for them to arouse the interest of Lautaro Martinez. To know more about "Succeeding Aguero! For more information about Manchester City PK Barcelona robbing Inter Milan's 22-year-old 110 million new star, please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.On March 24, Jazz players Mitchell and Ingles interacted on social media.

First, Ingles retweeted a fan's message of missing Jazz players, and wrote: "Me too, I miss you."[email protected]: "What's the matter, old man, miss me?"

Ingalls replied: "Except you, [email protected]! You guys don't think about making big news!"One fan replied: "Don't let those famous people see this tweet."

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